Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Monday, January 31, 2011

10 Mile Pony

Ambrose has NEW glued on boots.  We did about the same speed on the warm up down the canyon.  We kept the speed after the turn around at about 13 mph on the uphil.  Ambrose was doing well, we kept him at the trot with just a little canter here and there.  He did not turn into a butt until about the middle of the work, noting serious, just pulling and wanting to go faster.

1:  6.32 pace
2:  5:40 pace
3:  5:28 pace
4:  4:55 pace
5:  5:35 pace
6:  4:25 pace
7:  4:59 pace
8:  4:54 pace
9:  5:17 pace

Average HR 123
Max HR 160

Tomorrow we trailer out with MONK and Ambrose  --  Monk Brothers Racing

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