Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Thursday, February 24, 2011

20 Mule Team Cancel (not a real endurance rider)

After working for two days solid packing my trailer, cleaning horses and all the stuff that goes along with going to a competition I am kinda sad that I am just not willing to deal with having my horses standing around in the wind, rain and snow.  MONK is rather a fair weather horse, he gets cold easily and is not a happy camper when ridden in the rain.  When the forecast was down in the 20% range with the temps into the high 50's that sounded more doable.  Upon checking this morning, just before leaving this morning, forecast is for Friday is very windy,  snow and rain with the temp range 32/58, Saturday it is 70%  23/44.

After considering everything and EVERYBODY decided to cancel.  I have no particular reason for going other then to just do the 100 with MONK, which is not important for our goals for this year. Plus this ride is about 500 miles away, 18 hours of driving and worrying about my horses.

But, my hat goes out to all those TOUGH endurance riders who will brave the weather this weekend, I will be by the fire with my 55" HD lcd,

I hate putting on chains...

MONK Bros Racing, LLC.  "Fur Side Up"

Feb 25

Rain / Snow Showers / Wind

Feb 26

Rain / Snow


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