Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

7 Mile Pony


Ambrose had two days off after his first 20 mile ever on the Tevis Trail.  He did loose a few pounds but nothing to write home about.  He has been working pretty hard before that so his weight has been pretty consistant, even with the work at about 935.  Morning after the ride he was 920, so he lost about 15 pounds.  Next weighing he was 935 on Monday morning, Monday evening he did a fast pony and Tuesday morning he weight 945.

That is a big big advantage to have a horse that can regain their weight that fast.

Here are the stats for this pony.

Distance 7:10    Average BPM 134  Maximum BPM 205   Elevation gain is about 500 feet.
Time 32:41
Average MPH 13
Max MPH 20.7
Mile 1 - 12.3
Mile 2 - 9,6
Mile 3 - 13.8
Mile 4 -13.7
Mile 5 - 14.2
Mile 6 - 15.4
Mile 7 -15.0
Mile 8 - 7

His working heart rate was excellent, his recovery rate was good.  His recoveries get better with each work.  This is a pretty fast work, but he was hardly breathing when we got to the water trough.

Ambrose got his recovery mash and went back into his stall to eat some more....

Today he goes to the trainer for standing still while mounting lessons and leg yielding.

I totally believe we have just scratched the surface with this fine equine athlete.  I think the improvements that we will see in the future will be outstanding.


  1. You seem to be pretty good at picking them Chris!

  2. Woo hoo! Good old wet mash, breakfast (or supper) of champions :)