Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ricky Tick trail ride

My neighbor is putting on a Ride and Tie up in the Malakoff area in the high country and asked I would like to come and help look at some trails with her.  I loaded up Psuntana and Ricky Tick and headed out.  Beautiful day with nice trails.  We rode for a couple of hours looking at where different trails went.  Horses did great.  Ricky Tick did good, he looked at things pretty intent but no big surprises.  He loads well, stands still when you mount, goes any speed you want, is very handsome and friendly.  Basically just a real nice horse.  He is not very fit yet, but his recoveries for what he is doing are more then great.  Looking forward to more rides on this nice boy.

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