Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Friday, July 22, 2011

Walk about 2 & 3

I love these green horses, as long as they are FUR side up.  G'day bay is doing great.  He has worked through lots of things on the trail.  Glad I ride alone as people would wonder why I open and close the Velcro on my water bottles a thousand times on the right and again on the left, why I grab tree branches and shake them.  He still skitters when he steps on a twig that makes noise or gets small branches caught for a second or two.  He is a smart horse and no longer even turns an ear for the branches or the Velcro or when the branches hit my helmet.  The branches that touch him is also a no issue.  He is a little apprehensive about some of the short embankments I ask him to go up or down.  We made it down to the lake today and almost into the water, just need a day when there are not so many boats and they make the splashing waves on the beach, which are really scary..  On day 3, which was today and part of day 2, we did some trotting..  Wow, have never been on a horse with such a smooth trot, it was not big by any sense of the imagination, but just a real nice maybe 10 mph trot.  So yesterday, ride 2, we did 5 miles, today we did 8, not sure our average speed has hit about 4 yet, but soon.  I did get his HR up to 190 for a minute or so.  It will take 30 days or so before he is really fit enough to safely pick up the speed a little.  Walking all of these hills will do the job pretty quickly....

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