Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Camp Far West with the MONK........

These boys travel well, both just jump right into the trailer.  Monk is in front, you can tell that he is a little taller then Ambrose, but not by much, Ambrose maybe has  a little more withers.  His back is quite a bit shorter then Monks  and he out  weighs him by a good 100 pounds.
Monk in front....

My friend Kathie Ford agreed to meet me at Camp Far West, Spenceville Wildlife Area to ride MONK.  It was a beautiful sunny day, probably low 70's. I think she was a little apprehensive but I was confident she would be fine, an excellent horse women and Tevis finisher.  We got both saddled and headed out.  My plan was to put Ambrose in front and let MONK follow.  Well that did not work so well, MONK was being a "BRAT" and he wanted to be in front, Kathie ran him in a few circles and he complied for awhile.  Anyway we ended up doing a lot of leap frogging which seemed to work well.  We marched through the running creeks, slid down the muddy embankments, climbed the hillsides and trotted and cantered the trails.  We ended up doing 17 miles at about as fast as you could go for the trail conditions. MONK and Ambrose go well together, maybe too good.  We did race up a tiny hill and they were neck to neck each not wanting to slow.  

Great day with a good friend and two good horses.  This is exactly what I wanted to do on this ride.  To push the pace a little and see what kind of attitude Ambrose had if I could get him a little tired.  I did not get him tired but he is definitely a keeper.  I would say that he is already capable of doing a 25 at a pretty good pace.  He seems to get better and better every day.

Ambrose is on the right, he is also on the uphill side which makes him appear taller.

Ambrose under saddle, and MONK waiting.

Ambrose on right, grazing at home after the ride.

Back home, I just open the door and out they go...

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