Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Have not even started yet "Lame"

Took Ambrose for a New Years Pony today and he is a little off.  Hard to tell exactly where.  No swelling, no tenderness.  Did some light hoof testing with negative results.  My neighbor is a Vet so will do some more looking and testing tomorrow.

He did get weighed and it only took a few minutes to get on the scale, his weight was 967 and I think he has put on maybe 10 pounds in the few days that I have had him.  I figure that he should weigh at least 1000 pounds when fit and ready.

Ambrose is on a 30 day evaluation.  If it looks like old ligament or tendon damage I will send him back.  If it is in the hoof I will decide after evaluation.

I am really bummed about this, I like this horse lots..

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