Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well I let him sit for a couple of days, I have been working with him since I picked him up not so many days ago, major hoof work, different feed, and just a lot of hands on.  I decided I would keep give him a good check over and see if I could figure out what was going on.  So, I cleaned and inspected his hoofs again, actually doing a little more work on them.  Hoof tested all four with negative results.  While handling his feet I noticed that his left front hoof and fetlock were quite a big warmer then the right front.  So now have to see what happens with that.  I checked again quickly last night while he was in the paddock and they were both equal.  Will check again this morning after he is done eating.  Going to ride MONK today and Camp Far West.

One more thing to add to the protocol, one that I knew and used to do, but when you don't have a problem you seem to omit some important things...  So, when you do your daily grooming, make sure you touch your horse all over and especially the legs, check for heat and or swelling..  I will try and devote one whole post to things that can be important.  Even little things cannot be overlooked when you have a horse in hard training.

I used to have a Raytec infrared temperature gun that is accurate to +- 1.  They are cheap at around $50 and can be a invaluable tool.  I ordered another one yesterday.  The hands work good, but I want to know that the temp is 20 warmer or colder then it was 8 hours ago etc...

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