Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


OK, today is Wednesday the 5th of January.  Ambrose had yesterday off due to some heat in his left front , that was discovered on Monday.  Tuesday it was back to normal with no heat as it was today.  We booted up along with the HR belt and went out for our pony to see if we say any signs of lameness.  We went down into the canyon for a mile and he looked fine going down.  On the way back he turned into a brat wanting to go much faster then I wanted to go, so we had to start and stop and try and keep him in position so he did not get run over.  After about 5 miles, 3 of them being uphill he finally became controllable and trotted along side like a good boy.  He wants to be much farther in front then MONK does which makes me a little nervous, so with Ambrose it is more like ponying off of a horse, he will swing his rear end wide but still way to far out in front.  His front feet are right about opposite the front tires on the quad.  Once I quite fighting him, as he wore me out, he seemed to be fine in that position and would stay about 12" away from the tires, we did 10 miles today with a break at 8 miles to check recoveries.

Ambrose only trotted maybe 10 mph on his first outing on the quad, 2nd time was up to 12mph, 4th time he trotted at 15mph, which he was pretty comfortable in.  If you blip the throttle or go a little faster he breaks into a nice cantor.

I have called a friend of mine who has a real nice round pen and a arena.  I want to see him travel in a circle both ways to see if he is nice and smooth.  I will take a video which I will post in his blog.

So far I really like this horse, it is getting easier and easier to work on his feet, you can hug and kiss him anytime you want and just a really nice horse.  Just from what I have seen while ponying him we will be starting our project "Equine Athlete" with a pretty good subject.  His HR are about where they should be for a unconditioned horse but those figures will start to change quickly.  We are monitoring all workouts with the Garmin and recording all of the info.  Future blog posts will give you figures for works, mostly for comparison.

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