Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Training Hill

Ride info:  59:10 Min, 6.61 miles, pace, 8:54 pace.

First ride in Glue on boots for Ambrose.  You could tell he liked them he moved great.  This actually is a very hard ride if you push the pace a little.  The uphills are not real steep but very long and consistent.  Sometimes we work just the uphill and walk down, today we worked both, uphill and down.  Ambrose has very good working Heart Rates, even when going fast.  He was 211 as we crested the hill and within 40 seconds he was 120, on the next pull he was 200 at the top and 120 in 30 seconds. We just turned around at the top and started troting back down.  On that last push up the 1 mile hill to home, Ambrose went 45 seconds to the first level spot, 15 seconds faster then the last time.  It also took him lots longer to recover, about 3 minutes down to 120.  Instead of 4 sprints we only got to do 3 waiting for him to recover after his first sprint.  We do a mile or so cool down walk after we get to the top and then off to the barn for his recovery mash..  This was one of those once every couple of week rides, I don't like to see recoveries after a hard run taking more then 20 minutes to return to 60.  Ambrose was not tired at all and not breathing hard but his HR were hanging so he was about 30 minutes...  I think a push like this is OK to do but maybe only every couple weeks or so.  What you might see is a big jump in his conditioning level.  Ambrose will probably get the next couple of days off.  The next ride we do will be quite a bit longer on less demanding terrain.

Stop the video and take a look around, you can also mouse move the map to different areas......

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