Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Monday, January 10, 2011

Under Saddle


Finally some pretty decent weather, cold but clear, but more weather headed this way.  Ambrose was tacked up and walked about 1/4 mile from the ranch, to a meadow where he could not see the other horses.  He was barefoot front and rear, snaffle bit, breast collar and FreeForm Enduro cutback with HAF saddle pad.

Attempted to mount for maybe 5 minutes and attempted to teach him the one rein stop..  Finally got  the leg over and the butt on the seat and we were off.  We went uphill, downhill, through the mush, through the rocks down the road.  No acting stupid, no head tossing, no sideways, all that comes later.

We ended up going almost 4 miles in about 1 hour 20 or so.  Rode him right back to the barn and checked recoveries..  They were typical of a pasture potato, it will be fun to watch them improve and a daily basis.

Picked out a pair of front boots and put the EasyCare studs in the boots to help with the slippery mud on the hillsides.  Will see how they work tomorrow.

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