Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Friday, February 11, 2011

11.2 Mile Pony

Ambrose was booted and taken for a pony off the quad.  He was lively and feeling good. Ambrose had his Polar chest belt on so I could watch heart rates. There is no way that to can totally believe these readings.
These straps work almost perfect on a horse that is standing still, but not for a moving horse.  You MUST wrap the chest belt to keep it from moving.  Any movement between the pickup sensor and the horse will generate a false reading.  You also have to remember that there is quite a lag time, about 5 seconds or more is my best guess, which means as you crest the hill the horse is 180, but what you see on your monitor is 140, you don't see that 180 for another 5 seconds or more.  I use the strap more for recovery info then anything, I am going to start wrapping so that I can use the different HR zones.

Total Miles 11.03
Time  55:40
Avg MPH 11.9
Max speed 20.5mph
Mile 1  -  9.5
Mile 2  -  11.9
Mile 3  -  9.8
Mile 4  -  13.7
Mile 5  -  13.1
Mile 6  -  12.8
Mile 7  -  10.5
Mile 8  -  13.6
Mile 9  -  14.6
Mile 10  -  12.9
Mile 11  -  11.2

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