Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Friday, February 11, 2011


Well opinions are kinda like "you know what" we all have one.  But I respect very much the people who I believe who have paid their dues and have been there and done that.  I felt very honored to been in the "Mix" of  horses and riders chosen to be at the Pre Weg training camp at Shaker Village.  Some came up more then a couple of notches in my book, and one of those persons that stood our for me was Jeremy Reynolds.  This young mans knowledge of the horses and how to trim, boot and shoe a horse better then anybody I know. What was impressed me most about this young man was his integrity. Jeremy had waited for years to make the team with his wonder horse "Sir Smith", and he had the dream like we all did.  Sir Smith sustained a pasture injury while at Saker which  meant he was not 100%, but after he was warmed up the injury was not noticeable.  Jeremy went to the Chef and pulled his horse rather then try and sneak him through, which in my opinion he would of probably gotten away with..  I take my hat of to this very worthy competitor.

My opinion on Ambrose is very high, so maybe my excitement for this excellent candidate is rubbing off, but  when you have a World Class Rider willing to spend 4 days to go ride a LD, 400 miles from home, on a brand new horse speaks volumes as to their opinion of this horse.

The rider is Shannon Constanti, shown here at age "5" doing the Dru Barner 50, maybe 30 years ago!

I try and seek out the best "Opinions" that I can find and if it makes sense give it a try, in todays world most of the information you seek is just a keystroke away.

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