Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ground training

Most horses that are off the track have had limited experience and training in anything other then what they have learned in their previous profession.  Although AMBROSE is completely rideable, he lacks much of the standard behavior that we expect in a good trail horses.  I think that he is extremely smart and learns very quickly, he is also very sensitive and wants and needs the approval of his rider or handler.

At the track the jockeys are generally helped into the saddle while the horses are moving....  So that is what AMBROSE expects as soon as you put your foot in the stirrup.  He has no idea what you want when leg pressure is applied..

Dressage type training for the endurance horse is not a waste of time, when the horse travels in the right body frame it helps strengthen the top line and increase the stride.  Arabs are noted for traveling high headed with a hollow back... AMBROSE travels well but will travel better after some work in the area.

AMBROSE had another lesson today, and Gwen worked mostly on communication with legs and hands, she is impressed with how quickly he catches on and likes the way he carries himself. We will continue over the next few months with the Ground training. I will also do some work with him in side reins while we work off of the quad. We will share that when we get too it.

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