Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Go to horse"

Psuntana is just the cutest most personable gelding, I call him the "Minni MONK".  He is a chestnut sabino, a Padrons Psyche grandson who is 10 years old.  I have had him since he was 5.

 I call him my "Go to Horse" because anytime I want something fun to ride I go to him.  He has not had a lot of saddle time but learns quickly.  He does have his own blog, but I don't write much to it, so I thought I would incorporate some of his stuff here.  I have been riding him since Ambrose has been injured.  He has done some 20 mile rides, but mostly shorter harder training rides at home.  He is about ready for his first endurance ride, have not made a decision on what distance he will do.  

Psuntana reminds me alot of MONK when he was first started on the trail and before he did any endurance rides.  Psuntana wants to cantor everywhere.  He cantors from a dead stop, a nice very balanced and comfortable gait.  I do work the trot some, but not much, it will JUST evolve, just like it did for MONK.  What Psuntana found out is that he cannot cantor single tracks sideways, just does not work, or those trails that have sides and a trench down the middle, like portions of the Tevis trail.  The first time he did that it was pretty funny, but he is coming along great and I am having a blast on him.  His best attribute so far is that he "HAS GAME" always, you do need to pay attention as he is quick.

Time will tell, but he could be a great distance horse, will see how he manages himself at a competition.  He is a pretty animated horse, but very responsive, don't have to strong man to control him.

More later.

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