Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trust your gut........... Ambrose on rehab

"Trust your gut"

I would have to look back in the blog to see when I first noticed a slight misstep would be when I rode Ambrose and Amanda rode MONK down on the Tevis trail.  Just a slight bobble hear and there.  I had asked Amanda to ride behind me and watch to see if she saw anything, and she didn't..

Dr. Lindsay Graham came out to the ranch shortly after that and I showed her some of the trails that we train on.  I did a 8 mile pony with Ambrose with her watching him the whole time.  She said that in retrospect she did see a bobble hear and there but nothing to speak about.

Amborse then did his 45 mile ride at Nevada Derby and passed all of the trotting vets..  Shannon noticed noting on that jaunt.

A week after the ride I took Amborse out for a training ride, after about 1/2 hour he was 3 legged lame..  I ended up taking him to UC Davis for his ultrasound exam.  Conclusion was a slight tear to the upper left suspensory, slight to moderate.  

So, Ambrose has MONK's old stall and paddock where he can visit over the fence and still move about freely. 

Ambrose will be started back to work around December.

See next post about my "Go to" horse that amazing Psuntana and the following post will be about my two new horses coming from Al-Marah in Tucson

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