Action Ambrose

Action Ambrose

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dragoon, first ride.

I am always very apprehensive about getting on a horse for the FIRST time, guess that is pretty normal..   Anyway I went out on put the halter on Dragoon and led him into the barn.  The first thing they do is the Tucson boys start screaming back and forth, I hate that.....grrrrrrrr...  Trimmed his front feet a little on put on a pair of gloves..  Let him out to the trailer where my tack was from the day before and saddled him up.  With the screaming still going on I led him about 1/3 mile away and out of site before I mounted.  Needless to say it went perfect, other then being very GREEN he did a great job.  I usually start off with a nice long walk to make sure they are comfortable.  First thing I noticed which I was very pleased with was that he had a very nice FAST walk, gps said it was almost 5mph, but that was on the downhill.  I did see a consistent 4+ MPH, which is great for a potential endurance horse.  I did get into a nice 1/4 mile uphill trot from which he did not recover from very fast, so that was the end of the harder uphill work.  We rode for four miles and were in the saddle for one hour.  All in all I was very pleased, he was forward, curious but not stupid, nice smooth trot, fast walk, no head tossing, no sideways motion, well maybe a little when he heard his buddy screaming for him...

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