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Action Ambrose

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tucson team members arrive...

My two internet ponies have arrived on July 6th from Tucson.  I usually don't like taking a chance when purchasing horses but with the reputation of Al-Marah arabians I did bid on two horses.  The horse I wanted was a rather large 4 year old bay, you can check out his video somewhere in the blog..

  If I was able to purchase this horse for under 2K then I was going to big on a gray horse that a friend of mine really liked.. She knows much more about conformation and breeding then I do, so if I could get this other horse for a minimal bid I thought I would go for it.  The transportation from Tucson to here would not be that much more for two then one...   Long story short I did get both horses.

Tucson team photo link..

The bay is a big horse, when he is standing tall I could hardly reach the top of his head, and I am not a small person at 6-1, at least I used to be that tall..  I have just changed his name from Fabian's Fancy to Aussie, due to his Australian breeding, he is out of one of the Toft's studs imported by AM.  Aussie is only 4 and more then likely only used to the inside of a riding ring.  He is a little jumpy but is just the sweetest horse.  He loves you to rub his face and ears and has some spots he just loves to be scratched and moves into you like a puppy dog would.

The gray, barn name has not come to be yet, is real name is Nobel Dragoon, is also a very nice horse.  Very friendly, nice body, nice big feet, nice size cannon bones, floaty trot.

I met the horse haulers at a local farm about 20 miles away.  I was there when they pulled in the driveway.  Dragoon was first out of the back of the trailer.  Aussie was second and seems as though he had busted his halter, even though he was not tied.  I had brought one of MONK's halters so we got him haltered and out of the trailer.  We loaded the Tucson boys in my 3 horse trailer without incident and I was headed for home.

I had not yet decided about where I was going to put them.  I had a large area across the driveway from the main pasture that was laid out with electric wide tape fencing.  That is where they went for the first couple of days.  I did have an escape but they were captured quickly and introduced to the main pasture.  I had to kick my bully horse Psuntana out of the pasture.  We live pretty much out where they is no one else so when horses get out, they usually do not go any where so Psuntana just hangs around the outside perimeter.

I have introduced the new team members to the art of being ponied by the Quad..   Both of them pretty much responded in the same manner..   I pretty much had to drag them for about 1 mile, then all of a sudden they figured out they could trot, and that was pretty much it, except for the all of sudden once in awhile of coming to a complete stop.... and then have to drag them for a 100 feet or so and then back to the trot.

Both have very nice large feet.  I have been putting Gloves on the front feet. Both have done the 3 mile loop twice as of today.

More later

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